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TeRina Waikawa

I live in South Australia with my 2 kids and partner. I moved to Australia from NZ in 2007 to be closer to my parents.

I have spent the last 9 1/2ys as a Support Worker for the Disabled and then a Regional Rostering Officer.  I was able to give up my full time job and run my business in the Personal Development Industry.

I had come across an ad just like you have. Something on that ad answered the things that I was looking for. I was looking for financial freedom, time to have back with my family and to help me reach my biggest goal which is moving back to NZ in 2020.

I am so much closer to my goal than I was working my 9-5 grind. I am also able to enjoy the small things again like walking my youngest to school and be able to help out at her school events, things that I was unable to do before due to my 9-5 grind.


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Taken on Xmas day. 

Us on our cruise through the pacific in 2016

My two babies just hanging at the beach. These two are my 'WHY'

Our fur baby Buster Boo

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This business has opened my eyes to possibilities that are never endless.  With the step by step training I found it easy to set up my online business.  What you will love about this business concept is that anyone can make the same amount of money with people that have been in this business for years, so basically you are not making anyone else rich but yourself.  Everyone is on the same playing field, however its like everything else in life, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

If you're looking for a way to be rewarded for your time and effort and if you have a can do attitude and some energy to devote to a new venture, then come and take this journey with me.

Start an online business with a proven 3 step system.

(860) 381 6101

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020 3287 2946

Why you should take a closer look at this business:

- Earn up to $5000 per sale

-Work from anywhere using your laptop and phone

- Become Self Directed

- No Stocking of products

- No experience required

- Flexible hours

- Full training and support provided

I am a mother of two and a previous Franchise Owner. I was overworked and underpaid and highly stressed. I wanted more time with my family and to get out of the huge debt we were in. I am excited to say this business has changed my life. I have turned my past yearly income into my monthly income (and then some). Plus I now have time to enjoy life and travel the world. Super grateful.

  Lee Anne Bartlett

 Shawna Heikkila

When I became a mom I went looking for a way to earn a 6-figure+ income while working part-time hours. I wanted to be fully-available for my family! No daycare or missing precious time with them. Today I home-school my 3 little-ones, using our personal development education. My goal is to teach them how to think, not what to think. I think it's going pretty good!

I come from a purchasing officer background in the mining industry and I was earning double what I could in the city. This turned on my ambition to find that sort of income potential in the city that was home based so I could stay home raising my children. What this business has offered me is far beyond my first expectations. Our life-changing products, our community, this simple business and the amazing income opportunity!

 Ally Mckean

Hi my name is TeRina and this is why I started this business:

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